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As the outstanding provider of engineering localization, we provide localization solutions include Multimedia Localization, Document Localization, Project Management, Desktop Publishing, Translation and Software/Document Testing. We shall be happy to undertake a trial project on a no-charge basis. We provide business localization services which make our clients satisfaction, we are developing towards the direction of "Small and strong, small and top-grade" style company. We can customize solutions/services for each our client to best meet their specific/individual needs. "Deliver satisfaction" is our mission. From below we will state each service category detailedly one by one:

Multimedia Localization
Multimedia is our core business provided to our clients. Multimedia content are used more and more common in each type products such as Websites, Manuals, e-Learning Courses, Software etc, and the localization of multimedia also become more and more important in our industry.
We can provided Multimedia localization services include Flash, Video, Subtitle, Audio(audio sync), Graphics and Silverlight localization etc. Our engineers have rich experience in multimedia localization field, have done many big projects from Microsoft, Cisco, Netapp etc.

Project Management
Project management plays an important role throughout a project lifecycle. We have a group of professional Project Managers with extensive experience in the localization industry. As a core of a project management, PMs are fully responsibility for each project, cooperate closely with client, internal teams and translators to address any potential issues, which make the project run well without any risk.

Translation Kit Creating
Trans kit creating is an extremely important step in a project, especially for complex and long term projects. Any wrong and miss preparation will bring unexpected release delay and cost. We have senior engineers who have lots of experience on various source files preparation, like Flash, Video files, MadCap Flare, Robohelp, Webworks, HTML, XML, Websites, Doc, PPT, FM, Indesign, Graphics etc. We also has full experience to prep e-learning course files, timing the audio script such work types.

Document Localization
Document localization is a traditional work category in localization industry, it include localization of each kinds documents such as on-line helps, maunals, XML, HTML, Websites, even contain DTP Broadly. We provide services of localization in MadCap Flare, Robohelp, Webworks, HTML Workshop, HTML QA etc structure on-line help&manuals, each type websites, other general documents.

Translation is the main body and critical process of any localization project. We provide translations in more than 20 languages in virtually all fields, including IT, telecom, legal, finance, engineering, automobile, and health care. All the translation work is performed by in-country native-speaking translators, and all of the translators are linguists or experts in their respective fields, and have years of translation experience. We keep good relationship with all translator vendors. Also has strict QA process by the third party.

Document/Software Testing
We only provide document testing currently, include each kinds on-line help testing, each courses testing, video&graphic testing etc. Our engineers are familar with general testing process and defect systems such as JIRA, xDT etc.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing, also known as DTP, combines a personal computer page layout software to create publication documents on a computer for either large scale publishing or small scale local multifunction peripheral output and distribution. We provide DTP services on FrameMaker, Word, Indesign, Adobe LiveCycle, PPT, Illustrator, Photoshop etc, cover 20+ usual languages of these document types.

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